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What Is Spiritual Life-Coaching?

Spiritual life coaching is a type of life coaching with a focus on the spiritual aspects of one’s life.

Both life coaching and spiritual life coaching are aimed at helping individuals meet their goals, however, spiritual life coaching focuses more on the inner aspects of a being (mind/body/spirit).

This is sometimes called the “inner coach.” Traditional life coaching typically focuses moreso on outer aspects and uses a more pragmatic approach to reach goals.

Is Spiritual Life-Coaching a Type of Therapy?

No. Coaching is not therapy and does not replace the treatment of a registered or licensed mental health clinician.

Furthermore, while I am a registered mental health clinician, I do not do therapy alongside coaching nor do I represent myself as a therapist in life coaching sessions.

Who Hires a Spiritual Life-Coach?

Many people! There are a variety of reasons to use spiritual life coaching: to change negative behavior patterns, accomplish goals, or improve relationships. Spiritual Coaches may also assist individuals in psychic development (understanding and strengthening natural gifts) or to find and develop a life purpose.

While there are many reasons to seek out this type of coaching, it’s main function is to help one develop plans, take action and control life utilizing the “inner coach.”

How Does One Become Spiritual Life Coach?

Spiritual Life-Coaches all arrive at their destinations from different and unique paths, however they are often persons who lead spiritual lives, have perhaps studied psychic development and/or spirituality, are healers utilizing ancient arts or methods, and have gone through a certification or training process.

Free Consultation

I offer a free 15-minute consultation!

Feel free to end me a short message including a bit about what you are hoping to achieve in seeking out spiritual life coaching.

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